Lab Grown Diamonds
What are Lab Grown Diamonds and are they real diamonds?
How are Lab Grown Diamonds made?
What happens when testing a Lab Grown Diamond?
Finding the Perfect Diamond.
Do we sell loose diamonds?
Can’t find the perfect diamond? Will you help me?
Ring and Fine Jewellery Designs.
Where are Dove Diamonds jewellery made?
Does Dove Diamonds do custom design rings and fine jewellery?
Where does Dove Diamonds source its precious metals?
Why Shop with Dove Diamonds.
Is Dove Diamonds Australian owned?
Why choose Dove Diamonds to purchase your diamond jewellery?
Visiting our Showroom and Placing an Order.
Can I view and purchase diamonds and jewellery in our showroom?
Is my order insured?
Do our diamond prices and jewellery slightly vary in price?
What currency are the diamond and jewellery prices?
Am I able to pay via bank transfer?
Certificates and Valuations.
Do I get a diamond laboratory certificate with my purchase?
What type of certificate come with lab grown diamonds?
Are our diamonds laser inscribed?
Do I get an insurance valuation certificate with my order?
Dove Diamonds Ethical Choice of Diamonds.
How are Dove Diamonds conflict free?
How are lab grown diamonds from Dove Diamonds eco-friendly?